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Whiteboard Foods Welcomes New Leader to Steer Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Food Innovation

Prashant Jairaj brings nearly two decades of consumer product and plant-based experience to Whiteboard Foods.

OTTAWA, CANADA — October, 26, 2023 — Whiteboard Foods, the plant-based food division of Spiderwort Inc., today announced the appointment of its new General Manager, Prashant Jairaj.

Jairaj brings nearly two decades of experience working with world renowned brands including Mars Wrigley, Red Bull, Weston Foods, and most recently GFI, a global plant-based food company, where he led revenue, operations, and marketing initiatives.

"Whiteboard Foods is on a mission to transform the way the world interacts with the global food chain.” said Charles M. Cuerrier, CEO of Spiderwort, Whiteboard Foods’ parent company, “We are delighted to welcome Prashant Jairaj as our new General Manager as we usher in a new era of sustainable, plant-based approaches. Prashant’s impressive commercial background in the consumer food industry and commitment to innovation align perfectly with our mission.”

"I am honoured to have the opportunity to lead Whiteboard Foods as we set out to revolutionize the consumer food industry," said Prashant Jairaj. "Our commitment to sustainability maps directly to growing consumer demand for lower-impact, high-quality plant-based options. Together, with the dedicated team at Whiteboard Foods, we will continue to innovate and deliver cutting-edge plant-based food options that are not only healthy and delicious but also kind to our planet."

As part of the Spiderwort family, Whiteboard Foods gains access to invaluable resources and expertise in cellulose-based biotechnology. This strategic collaboration enables the company to go-to-market with innovative approaches in food development and introduce groundbreaking products which mimic the taste and texture of traditional meat products beyond current industry options.

Whiteboard Foods is focused on creating a world where high-quality and nutritious food choices are aligned with environmental principles. The start-up has already made significant strides in development, starting in the seafood category.

About Whiteboard Foods

Whiteboard Foods is a plant-based food developer committed to creating a world of sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free consumer products. As a subsidiary of Spiderwort, a renowned cellulose-based biotechnology firm focusing on medical and medical aesthetics advancements, Whiteboard Foods benefits from extensive expertise in cellulose-based biotechnology, driving innovations in the food industry while prioritizing environmental values without sacrificing nutrition or quality. Media Contact For media inquiries, please contact:

Shannon Murphy

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