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Whiteboard Foods Secures Spot in MaRS Tech Accelerator

Biotech, Culinary, and Sustainability Worlds Converge

Ottawa, Canada — October 31, 2023 — Whiteboard Foods, the plant-based food division of Spiderwort Inc., today announced its acceptance into the prestigious MaRS Startup Program, focused on the clean tech sector. Whiteboard Foods joins a select group of innovative North American companies leading in biotechnology applications, including Spiderwort who was accepted to the program earlier this year.

The MaRS Discovery District is located in Toronto, Canada and is one of the largest innovation hubs in North America. MaRS acts as a nexus to connect founders and investors working to address some of the most pressing challenges facing society today. The MaRS Startup Program is a specialized division within the hub that extends resources and support to help grow companies and create meaningful innovation: solving real problems for real people.

Guided by the dynamic leadership of Prashant Jairaj, Whiteboard Foods stands at the forefront of the future of food — leveraging biotechnology innovation to bring uncompromised flavour, nutrition, and texture to sustainable, plant-based food for consumers. This program acceptance marks an important milestone, bringing new access to a range of services to accelerate Whiteboard Foods’ commercialization efforts.

Building on its parent company’s legacy in cellulose-based biotechnology, Whiteboard Foods harnesses Spiderwort’s expertise to blaze new paths in the food sector. Whiteboard Foods brings food technology together with environmental awareness to ensure each product is of high-quality and treads lightly on the planet. Whiteboard Foods' early collaboration with innovators and chefs in the restaurant community offers an exciting glimpse into the future of dining.

"Being part of the MaRS portfolio offers Whiteboard Foods an exciting opportunity to access a wealth of resources and services, and support our capacity to expand our reach," said Prashant Jairaj, General Manager of Whiteboard Foods. "It's an honour to integrate into this vibrant technology ecosystem. As we look forward, we are committed to exceeding consumer expectations and championing sustainability.”

About Whiteboard Foods

Whiteboard Foods is a plant-based food developer committed to creating a world of sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free consumer products. As a subsidiary of Spiderwort, a renowned cellulose-based biotechnology firm focusing on medical and medical aesthetics advancements, Whiteboard Foods benefits from extensive expertise in cellulose-based biotechnology, driving innovations in the food industry while prioritizing environmental values without sacrificing nutrition or quality. Media Contact For media inquiries, please contact: Shannon Murphy

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